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We are honoured

Thank you

We are honoured and thankful for the trust and confidennce that you place in Dr. Zahra Rashid. We are always accepting patient referrals from Vancouver dentists and we are committed to providing your dental patients with the same service and care that you provide at your practice.


Dr. Zahra Rashid

Certified Specialist in Prosthodontics


​University of Florida, Oral and Maxillifacial Surgery Fellow (2004-2005)
University of Michigan, Master of Science in Prosthodontics (1996-1999)
University of Alberta, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Bachelor of Science (1990-1996)

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Please send us your office name and email. A message with contact information for your patient, and a description of what treatment your patient requires.

1466 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6G 3J6, Canada

(604) 647-4996

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